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Wilfie Smith & his Crew.

Wilfie & his Crew are located at a scrapyard somewhere on the south Welsh coast or west bank of the Severn Estuary.

They are an Anarcho-Syndicalist group who have elected Wilfie as their leader. Wilfie has made them sign a 'contract' which states the rules of the Crew just like the pirate Captain Bartholmew in the 17th century. One of the rules is that the current Skipper can be voted out at a special meeting held on the first day of each month, so far Wilfie has never been challenged. The female members of the Crew are treated equally with the men & fight if they wish.


'Boat 1'
Length: 50ft Beam: 12ft Draught: 2ft 6 in Best Speed: 32 knots Armour: None
Armament: 4 x improvised barrel explosive charges & 1 twin Lewis gun mount.
Crew: 1 Skipper, 1 gunner & 2 crew.

The boat is a converted cabin cruiser with a much more powerful petrol engine. Wilfie based it upon the Coastal Motor Boats he served in whilst in the Baltic in 1919. The Crew wanted to called the boat 'Proudhon' but Wilfie over-ruled them explaining that boats have numbers not names, names are for ships.

'Jangling Jimmy'
A traction engine once used to drag scrap around the yard. Now it has been armoured & tows 'Bakunin' or an armoured trailer. 'Jimmy' has no armament. There is space for the driver, stoker & 2 riflemen in the cab. He has a maximum speed of 6 miles an hour unladen and 2-3 miles per hour towing the gun or trailer.

A 4-inch naval gun barrel, that was lying in the scrapyard, mounted on an improvised carriage. They only have a few rounds of ammunition but are working on how to manufacture more.

Smith's Crew mostly have rifles and pistols. The first vessel they 'commandeered' was carrying a cargo which included several crates of Thompson SMGs and ammunition so the Crew is well equipped for close range combat. The Crew don't know this but this vessel was on its way to Lundy to supply Nelson Colman Harris, the 'King of Lundy' - If he finds out what happened, Wilfie will have a big problem on his hands.