The Royalist (Severn & Avon) Naval Flotilla.

Admiral Collins has set up his headquarters at Gloucester Docks. His area of command is the Severn Estuary north of Avonmouth and the navigable parts of the Rivers Severn & Avon and their associated canals. His superior is Admiral Godfrey Sinclair who is based at Bristol.

His water-borne assets include three squadrons:

The Gloucester Squadron.
Commanded by Admiral Collins himself.
HMS Glevum & HMS Corinium, RFA (Royal Fleet Auxiliary) armed Yacht Iolare , two harbour defence launches and an amphibious aircraft.

The Severn River Squadron.


The War Department narrowboat, Taurus, on the Severn near Stourport.

Commanded by Captain Roger Benwell.
HMS Sabrina - a converted civilian paddle-steamer, various armed launches & several narrowboats and barges.

HMS Sabrina
Flagship of the Royalist Flotilla's River Severn Squadron.

Length: 92 ft Beam: 19 ft 6 in Draught: 3ft 6 in
Best Speed: 15 knots Armour: None
Armament: 1 x 12-pounder gun, 2 x .50 Browning machine guns, 4 Lewis guns.
Crew: 4 Officers, 24 Men & 10 Marines.

The Sabrina has a telescopic funnel and radio/signal mast which can both be lowered to allow her to pass under bridges.

Area of Operation:
Her main patrol area is on the River Severn between Gloucester and Worcester but she is completely sea-worthy and occasionally travels down the estuary to Bristol.

Captain Roger Benwell:
Recently promoted from the rank of Commander, Benwell has been placed in command of the River Severn Squadron.

In 1919, as a young Officer, Benwell served in North Russia on a monitor on the River Dvina fighting the Bolsheviks. This experience of river warfare & his strong dislike of Leftists has lead to his current position.

The Avon River Squadron.
ommanded by Commander Alan Hughes-Kirkwood.
HMS Abona - an armed tug, several armed launches and two armoured narrowboats.

Collins also has three amphibious/land units under his command.

The battalion strength Naval Brigade is made up of royalist seaman & marines.

The 15th Middlesex (Docks & Customs) Militia company have transferred from the London waterfront.

King Edward's VIII Loyal Punjab Regiment consists of a battalion of volunteers from the Indian Army, along with a mountain gun battery. This unit is probably the best unit in the local area.

These units can be found manning small craft and acting as landing parties.

Politics in the Flotilla at Gloucester.
Admiral Collins is a strong supporter of the Royalist cause, but has a very low opinion of 'Moseley and his Bully-Boys'. He works with them as ordered.

Captain Benwell is a member of the British Union of Fascists. He is using his political contacts to undermine Admiral Collins so that he can become the CO of the Gloucester Flotilla. Benwell intends to change the Squadron's role from patrolling and transport, into an aggressive amphibious assault force.

Commander Hughes-Kirkwood is a career naval officer and avoids politics. He generally supports Admiral Collins due to his superior rank.