Longhope Jam Factory Defence Union

(Women's LDV Section).

Beatrice Mills (known by some as 'Bolshy Beatty') is the Union shop steward at the factory. She has been involved in the organisation of the Union at the factory before it became the Defence Union. Since then, she has insisted that the women drill regularly and has succeeded in getting equipment by making the section part of the Longhope LDV. The sole male member of the Union is Bert Morris, the factory's delivery driver. He served in the South Wales Borderers in the Great War and has been invaluable in training the unit.

The Defence Union has a mixture of rifles, shotguns & a couple of pistols. A young 'lady', of generous affections, in the section acquired the unit's Lewis gun by threatening to tell the wife of an army quartermaster in Gloucester about their close friendship. They have a supply of molotovs which they used to devastating effect on the BUF.

On 10th July1938, BUF militia arrived at the Longhope Jam Factory & demanded a large quantity of jam. The factory owner would not hand it over for a promissory note. The BUF got a little aggressive. The employees, led by their Union, went on strike and refused to work if any jam was given or sold to the fascists. The BUF left threatening to come back and take all the jam by force if necessary. This led to 'The Battle of Longhope' on the following day.

Having some jam stolen by Government forces, the jam factory manager has seen the necessity of defending the factory in these troubled times. He has promised to buy some weapons and equipment for the unit.