Links Page.

Solway Crafts & Miniatures - The producers of the AVBCW books and a nice range of painted figures & vehicles which are all available on E-Bay as well as their website.

The King Edward Cocktail Bar - The place to discuss all things associated with AVBCW. Part of the Gentlemens' Wargames parlour.

Jon's great 'Herefordshire 1938' blog

Wargaming Resources:-

The 'A Very British Civil War' 25/28mm miniatures guide - A great guide to many ranges of figures that might supply your recruitment needs.

Pulp Figures - The source of my Loyal Punjab Regiment, forthcoming BUF 'Britannia' female section & many of my navy/merchant marine figures. Bob Murch (the proprietor) is a true gent & the service is excellent!

Musketeer Miniatures - Producers of a range of of finely cast figures designed especially for AVBCW

Ironclad Miniatures - A supplier of primarily steampunk style figures and vehicles. Jangling Jimmy, the armoured traction engine is one of theirs, & I am tempted by the steam-powered tanks.

Reiver Castings - Produce a large range of AVBCW figures and have recently added tanks and improvised armoured vehicles.

The real history of the Forest of Dean:-

The Forest of Dean Family History Pages and their 'collection of Forest words' for those not acquainted with the dialect.

The Coal Mines of the Forest