A Very British Civil War.

Ooz zide bist thic, al' butt?

(What side are you on, old chap?)

A campaign set in the Forest of Dean & Severn Estuary area, this campaign may stray as far up the River Wye as my home town & bastion of the Anglican League, Ross.

An Introduction to the Forest of Dean and the surrounding area during A Very British Civil War.

This part of the site has some background information on the Forest of Dean and the parts of Herefordshire, Gloucestershire, Monmouthshire that border it.

A map of the campaign currently showing the area in late summer 1938.

After Action Reports:

'Battle' of Longhope - 11th July 1938

Major Clitheroe's Battlefield Tours
Summer  2012 - Announcing a new tour of the Battle sites of Gloucestershire! 
Longhope Battlefield Tour

Information on some of the units involved:


                                               The Warren James Centuria.                                                  The Longhope Jam Factory Defence Union Women's LDV section                      


      Wilfie Smith & the Anarcho-Syndicalist Crew of 'Boat 1'.                 The Royalist (Severn & Avon) Naval Flotilla based at Gloucester.     


Disclaimer: Although some events, groups and persons mentioned on this site are real, their actions described here are purely fictional and part of an alternate historical setting. This site is not intended as a criticism or justification of any political, social or religious viewpoint.

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